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Learn about the history of Enigma Archives

The beginning of the idea

It all started  in the year 2016-17 at my university (UNITEC) in the class of " Production  of Advertising "by Professor Mauricio Pineda, in that class we had  left the task of creating a blog in blogger, I remember that at that time I was editor of one of the pages  largest in Latin America  of DragonBall Z, I was a super fan and the first thing I thought  It was to create a Dragonball blog to be able to have many visits but Mauricio our lawyer told me that he could not  do it from Dragonball or football since they were subjects that were too easy  for me  what had  to create something new.


It was there  that I made the connection in the enigmatic things  like aliens, paranormal and other things, and I thought  "Well let's do something like the Second World War or Cold War " and there  was when the name "Enigma Files" he left  and he was born. I'll tell you the logo was a skull  with red background and I made the blog in blogspot (which still exists)  what's more  I started  to create super cool entries and I liked it, in fact according to Mauricio Pineda I have the record for the most views in the history of the class. (A preview of what was coming  I say haha)

The idea is transformed 

That class ended and well the project was turned off and it was in 2018 I think a friend told me that the blog  well I could do a radio program and well there  I started to modify the concept and everything but I said " no, this  in radio there are many things that we could not  tell them on the air " and I discovered podcasting.  

Days  after  I found myself  with Darío  Villalta, now my great friend and enigmatic companion  from the podcast, in the multiplaza mall, our parents already knew each other  so it was easier  the conversation and we started talking and realized we liked conspiracy theories  and all that, and I told him "how cool is it to make a podcast" and he said "give it a bang" and it was like that  that at the end of 2018 the team was formalized. 

Our union  with TVES

In early 2019 I noticed a new digital medium called TVES where they did  lives and I said out there  we can present the project and they accept us to do the lives and everything. It was like this  that I contacted the filmmaker Alejandro Irías  who was in charge of said project I presented it to him  together with Daniela Villela at that time, the one who managed everything at TVES and they liked the concept and we signed  a one-year contract.  


It was a super cool day because we started the project and we had  concept and everything, every wednesday  we did  a live talking about enigmatic things  and each time joined  more people and we grew. I think part of our success  It was that door that the people of TVES opened for us.

2020-2021 and the years continue.


2020 was a year of challenges for us because we were no longer in the booth doing the lives and it was there  we decided to do lives through Stream-yard   and so on  We stayed all year until we decided to increase the quality of delivery and audio, which made us reach the Latin Podcast Awards 2021.

Now we are references in Honduras in podcasting and we are going for more interviewing more people, creating more community and rising like foam. And remember that project from your university or college in the future may well serve you.

-Jean Pierre Cruz

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