The mortuary´s girl

All people in the world always have this routinary events in their work day by day, but not the protagonist of this story. (Based on real events)

This story begins with a young worker (we'll call him Carlos) from a funeral home in Tegucigalpa, who a normal workday turned into an experience he will never forget.

Everything takes place on a cold and quiet December night at a local mortuary, when dawn breaks and they have no work, the staff set out to rest except for one of them, Carlos, who was the undertaker. He decided to stay a while longer waiting in case someone needed his services and in fact it was.

It wasn't long when he heard noises from the main entrance, which was a glass door and in the early morning cold there was fog so it was a little tarnished. As the young man approach the door, he noticed that the silhouette became smaller, and when he got a better view he saw that it was a girl in a white dress, the closest thing to a princess and to his surprise the girl was alone , but before he could think of something the girl ran away and a few minutes later a car arrived, so the undertaker thought that the girl was the family of the deceased who was on the way.

In the next step, the young man set out to organize his work materials. Entering the preparation room, he found on the counter a coffin that was not even a meter long. At that moment Carlos felt a cold that ran through each vertebra of his body until his skin crawled and with conflicting sensations he was getting closer to the coffin,little by little while his breathing was getting heavier each second.

When he opened the small coffin, he saw the same girl that minutes before was playing in the glass door. And without saying a single word, he took her out of the coffin and prepared all the thing to dress her, since she was the victim of a fatal traffic accident, in which a drunk driver hit her with his vehicle and fled away. But since that day Carlos, says that on every anniversary of his death he always sees the girl playing in the preparation room.

How would you react in this situation?

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